Melissa Wood

Contract / Freelance - Technologist / Consultant

What I do

Freelancing at the BBC in a consumer technology insights team, I have an ingrained fascination with human emotional design and its applied use. Topics of particular interest are Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms, their use for Media Manipulation and the long-term overall societal impact. Heavily involved with the rig and management of events. Providing external visibility that the BBC are maintaining awareness of new and emerging technology and demonstrating the challenges, opportunities or threats present for content creators for broadcasting and communication in public service.

I create & conduct demonstrations, workshops, facilitate experiences & compose custom sessions on the impact that technology has on the change of audience behaviour and how they consume, interact and create digital content. Key elements to my approach with every session are integrity, flexibility, problem-solving & engagement. I'm confident and precise in my delivery and I always strive to be the best. Typically my knowledge showcases current technology up to 6 - 12 months ahead within the Consumer Market space. I constantly review global markets, meaning a huge part of what I do is researching, networking, discovering & interpreting vast amounts and different types information.

I'm Available

In the immediate term I'm available for freelance / contract work charged at an agreed day rate once work required has been outlined. I am DBS checked, so I can work with children and young adults. I am more than happy to travel nationally & internationally when travel & accommodation costs are covered. If you work for the BBC I have an active Freelancer Number you can book me via.

Longterm I am looking for an excting fulltime opportunity to excel my career as a Technology focussed Consultant within policy, ethics & politics.

Drop me an email if you'd like to know more.

Topics Covered:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) / Algorithms
  • Fake News / Media Manipulation
  • Natural Language / Voice Content Discovery / Voice User Experience (VUX) / Voice Assistants
  • Immersive Digital Content / Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed Reality (MR)

Other BBC Departments I've worked with:

  • BBC World Service - providing insight of media manipulation, fake news & the challenges facing journalists. Locations: Serbia, London, Manchester.
  • BBC Bitesize - providing career inspiration to 1000's of school students around what kind of new jobs exist in response to new technology. Locations: National, UK
  • BBC Young Reporters - providing focused career insight and providing first-hand experience to students about new ways to creating digital content in response to the changing consumption of digital content by audience. Locations: Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, London

Events / Client Showcase:

  • GCHQ, Sony, MP's, MEP's EBU, FIFA, Lawn Tennis Association - Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bristol, Glasgow UK
  • UK & Canadian government's Defend Media Freedom conference - London, UK
  • CIRCOM Annual Conference - Novi Sad, Serbia
  • CogX - London, UK
  • BBC World Service Serbia 1st Year Anniversary - Belgrade, Serbia
  • Children's Global Media Summit - Manchester, UK
  • Women of Silicon Roundabout conference - London, UK
  • International Business Festival - Liverpool, UK
  • Sheffield Doc Fest - Sheffield, UK
  • Tech Forum - Reading, UK
  • BBC Bitesize on Tour - National, UK

Tech Insight Articles

Want me to send you my Tech Insights as I publish them? I write insights on emerging technology, their applied use and political impact. Focus: RPA, AI, Media Manipulation and Voice Discovery. I write from my genuine interest and passion - I don't work with brands or promote them. Everything I write about is wholly my own work and credits are given where due. I use Mailchimp to manage my mailing list - your details will be saved there and used to send you update emails as and when I publish on my Medium Account. Signing up supports my writing efforts and gives me some excitement to know people want to read my work - Thanks!

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